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We appreciate your comments and feedback, good and bad and welcome parents, carers and young people, who have an interest in what we do, to help shape our service.

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Latest service feedback - Autumn term 2019

Highlights from survey responses received during the Summer term 2019 are shown below.

  • 100% said we understood their questions and concerns very well
  • 95% said the information we gave was very useful
  • 100% found our service to be impartial

Thank you to everyone who has completed our survey.

Some individual comments:

"I can only imagine how busy they are but they always make time for you."

"I think you are absolutely amazing the way you support families. Being impartial is actually really helpful."

"I have a better understanding of the EHC plan."

"I feel better equipped to undertake an appeal against the authority's suggested placement."

"I think health and education/school professionals should advise parents to go to Sendiass."

Training feedback

It looks like our training continues to ‘hit the spot’!

Last year 217 parents and 206 practitioners attended our workshops with 100% of parents and practitioners telling us: 

  • the content of our training was useful and would help them feel more confident moving forward;
  • we used clear examples and explanations;
  • the style of presentation worked well and the aims were clear.

Parent testimonials

Short videos of Suffolk parents talking about how SENDIASS helped with concerns and questions around their children's education:


Michaela's SENDIASS journey



Caroline's SENDIASS journey



Natalie's SENDIASS journey



Caroline's SENDIASS journey


Your experiences

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